Daily Essentials | Tuesday | 18 February 2014

1. Rachel Laudan: Is the fresh the enemy of good canned food?
2. Bill Marler: Raw Milk is a Risky Elixir
3. Michael Ruhlman and Donna Turner Ruhlman: Vegetable Porn
4. Erin Durkin – Daily News: Mayor de Blasio 5. Supports Ban On Using Food Stamps For Sugary Drinks
5. AP/USA Today: The new face of food stamps: working-age Americans
6. Jenny Hopkinson – Politico: USDA wades into unpaid meals issue – Chipotle at it again – States seek to limit farm surveillance by drones
7. Bettina Elias Seigal – Civil Eats: State of the Tray: Will Recent Improvements in School Food be Rolled Back?
8. Luke Runyon – Harvest Media: USDA predicts low corn prices here to stay
9. Layla Eplett – Food Matters – Scientific American: Seeing The Forest Through The Trees: How Wild Foods May Contribute To Food Security
10. Stephan Guyenet – Whole Health Source: Mindless Eating


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