Convenience Fruits

Joining that Arctic Apple in the quest to become more lunchable is the kiwi fruit.

“When you actually look at the top 10 fruits in the world, six of the top 10 are convenience products,” says Lain Jager, chief executive of Zespri Group Ltd., the world’s biggest exporter of kiwis. “Having a kiwifruit that you could eat in a convenient way would be fantastic.”

I was surprised that it was only 6. It’s hard not to imagine that meeting the consumer’s demand for convenience will be a precondition for the success of any fruit in the future. Berries less perishable. Melons yielding more more flesh per skin for salads. The peels of handheld fruits must be edible or peelable without a tool or juicy mess.

Good news for picky kid, travelers and those that pack lunch bags. Bad news for gourmands.


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