Open Source Farm Hacks

MAKE Magazine:

The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) and Farm Hack aim to promote farmers as innovators and makers through a new project called Growing Innovation. The two organizations have launched a collaborative Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of an open source online library of agricultural innovations and a new book documenting sustainable models developed by farmers. The online library will include a searchable database and interactive maps of farm projects, including detailed plans from blueprints to budgets. The book will feature exemplary farm projects from RAFI’s archive, projects that are highly replicable and adaptable to variety of contexts.

. . . Farmers affiliated with RAFI have developed new tools and unique business models from an ethnic produce project to a farm-to-table cooperative. They have found ways to re-purpose old farm buildings ranging from historic tobacco barns to industrial-scale poultry houses. They’ve started new farm enterprises and transitioned out of old ones. Something they all share is that at some point they’ve found themselves at the forefront of agricultural innovation in their communities.


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3 responses to “Open Source Farm Hacks”

  1. juliomolin says :

    Hello there!
    Considering the spirit of your blog I thought you might be able to support an important project of about sharing food-growing skills with the wider local community in Southeast England.
    We would appreciate re-posting of our crowdfunder if possible!!

    Many thanks!
    Julio Molina
    Volunteer at Farnham Local Food

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