11 Universal Truths in Nutrition That People Actually Agree on

This kind of health reporting usually drives me nuts, but it’s actually a pretty good list. I think it’s pretty accurate in terms of listing things that are uncontroversial, even broadly agreed upon.

1. Artificial Trans Fats Are Extremely Unhealthy
2. Whole Foods Are Better Than Processed Foods
3. Getting Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids is Important
4. Added Sugar is Unhealthy
5. Green Tea is a Healthy Beverage
6. Refined Carbohydrates Should be Minimized
7. Vegetables Are Healthy Foods
8. Supplements Can Not Compensate For an Unhealthy Diet
9. Olive Oil is Super Healthy
10. Optimal Health Goes Beyond Just Nutrition
11. The Best Diet (or “Way of Eating”) For YOU is The One You Can Stick to

One quibble. The evidence on olive oil and green tea is pretty solid, but it’s solid on lots of fruits and vegetables, why single them out?

The biggest thing that I’d add Americans need to eat more green vegetables. After cutting sugar consumption, I think that would be the biggest single improvement you could make in the American diet.

Kale, collards, chard, spinach, arugula all make a great excuse to eat more bacon. So what’s holding you back?

PS I only read the list, not the explanations, so I offer no warranty on the quality of their justifications. I really do hate that kind of reporting.


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