The Future Belongs to Crickets and Algae: Urban Algae Farms Edition


As part of the ‘Future Food District Project’, developed by Carlo Ratti Associati at Expo Milano 2015, the façades and canopy proposed for the pavilion utilize new systems of micro-algae, designed by Cesare Griffa and Ecologicstudio.

. . . Micro-algae performs an important photosynthetic activity, absorbing considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. It also can be transformed into a biomass, which can be processed for energy, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical uses. Cesare Griffa further states, ‘micro-algae open up an incredible potential for new renewable energy resources, and hope for a greener future. Building and architectural surfaces are an incredible resource of space. Urban façades and roofs represent billions of square metres that instead of being made of an inanimate material such as concrete, could become clever photosynthetic surfaces that respond to the current state of climate warming. micro-algae could add to the green urban system that exists already, intensifying carbon dioxide fixation activity and acting as cladding for buildings, increasing their passive performance.’

More at Designboom.


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