Daily Essentials | Wednesday | 16 April 2014

1. The Armed Rebellion on a Nevada Cattle Ranch Could Be Just the Start | Alex Altman | Time

2. Takeaways from Bundy Ranch | Marie Bowers Stagg | Oregon Green

3. A Single Pot Plant Uses HOW Much Water?! | Tom Philpott | Mother Jones

4. Vermont puts lessons from past in GMO bill | Jenny Hopkinson | Politico

5. Stumbling through history towards beer
| Jim Chevallier | Les Leftovers

6. Paying Farmers to Welcome Birds | Jim Robbins | The New York Times

7. Texas Still Considering Solutions to Prevent Another West | Terrence Henry | StateImpact: Texas

8. Pesticide law will help Maryland farmworkers [Letter] | Virginia Ruiz, Farm Worker Justice | The Baltimore Sun

9. CBO says food stamp costs could drop by $24 billion | David Rogers | Politico

Ham and Asparagus Strata | Elise Bauer | Simply Recipes


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Free lance cultural attaché. Writing at REALFOOD.ORG.

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